“Ambitious” itself explained in the dictionary means – Eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success. This is what we want to be in the world. AMB DOCS Company founded in 2022 to be an important technical service firm in the telecommunication and IT industry. We realized there was a lot of inefficiencies in the telecom design industry and set out to provide a solution. We have leveraged our team of telecom experts to bring together world class experience as well as a team that works around the clock in order to complete projects efficiently and quickly.


To become a leading global provider of GIS, CAD and IT outsourcing services. To establish ourselves as an institution par excellence.To create value and make a difference for all stakeholders.

Our (AMB DOCS) Goal

Our (AMB DOCS) Goal is not to get maximum revenue per service. Our goal is to produce world class solutions and service to our client which will give client maximum returns on their investments and grow.

Vision of AMB DOCS

In terms of Peoples, Be a place where people have a sense of belongingness, and feel proud and inspired to deliver their best towards the organizational growth. In terms of work Culture, Maintain a harmonious work culture that is open, fair, ethical, transparent and progressive. In terms of productivity, Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization. In terms of Quality, Ensure that we(AMB DOCS) provide our customers with high quality services in the most cost effective manner